Posted by: dagmarsands | March 18, 2015

Tips for Buyers

There can be a thin line between love and hate when it comes to buyers’ responses to properties. Even if the home seems like a great fit on paper, sometimes there are issues that cause an almost visceral reaction among buyers. Here are some common issues and how (when possible) to deal with them.

The Neighbors Freak Them Out

No matter how beautifully a home is staged, there’s a factor that will always be beyond your control: the neighbors.

Whether it’s their junky property, scary pets, or just plain bizarre behavior, would-be neighbors can quickly (and irreversibly) turn off prospective buyers. As soon as they start envisioning the years of bitter battles over tree roots and worse, buyers will see turning down a property as dodging a bullet.

We have encouraged buyers to go and speak with their neighbors to find out about schools, the community and amenities.
It’s always a good ideal for them to meet and we also do “Meet Your New Neighbor” outings.  It’s a great way for neighbors
to stop by, bring brownies, cookies or just something to say “Welcome to Our Neighborhood”.

We thank Trulia for their input on neighbors.

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