Posted by: dagmarsands | March 18, 2015

H.O.P.E. very true….

I went to the restroom today while taking a class and read this which caught my eye.  I had to write it down
Immediately before I forgot it.

Learn from Yesterday!
Live for Today!
Hope for Tomorrow! 

We rush through life so quickly that we forget these very simple thoughts.
We should take away something from our experiences of yesterday, we should live for today
and not rush through life and we HOPE for tomorrow to reach all the ideals, goals and things
that we strive for.

I tried to think about the last years in my real estate career and what I’ve learned,, then I thought
how much I love all my buyers and sellers I am working with today and my colleagues and I hope
that tomorrow, I will make this world a better place by trying to make a difference.
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