Posted by: dagmarsands | May 4, 2010

SPEAK English….

I spent the day today at ER at the hospital. I was amazed about what
goes on there. You get people that check-in who are so LOUD.. they
don’t speak English yet they demand that the nurse, doctors and
everyone serves them. I have no problem with foreigners.. I am ONE.
I moved to this country myself and couldn’t speak any English.

The first thing I did was to adopt to this country. I learned the
language, I learned about the customs, I blended into this beautiful
country. It blows my mind that these foreign nationals actually think
everyone should learn their language. They demanded that
the hospital get them someone that can speak their language.

WHAT?? The first thing that popped into my mind was SPEAK
ENGLISH.. and if you can’t… bring your own family or interpreter.
Where do these people get the idea that American should stop
and cater to them. NO WAY! This is wrong thinking. And when
you speak another language and you are in a public place, please
don’t SHOUT… don’t cause a scene and SPEAK ENGLISH!

This woman kept screaming out loud in her native tongue and
everyone in the entire Emergency Room was looking. I felt bad
for the nurse and the sweet lady who tried so hard to help.

I work with many clients from all over the world but I try to
always educate them about the U.S. culture, our customs
and how they can blend in and make this country the best
place for them to live in. So please… LEARN to SPEAK
English and you will be amazed how much your life will change.

Congratulations to all those that really work hard to adopt
to the U.S. Customs and to the rules this country has.


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