Posted by: dagmarsands | May 4, 2010

Johns Creek City Guide – Meetup – Tuesday 5/4/10 11:30 a.m.

I am so proud to be part of this incredible Meetup group at Johns Creek, GA
It’s the that is sponsored by Real
Estate International, Inc., Johns Creek City Guide LLC, Dagmar Sands and
businesses of Johns Creek, Georgia.

What is the goal and mission? Businesses and residents networking together.
Who Meets with us? Brokers, Investors, Vendors, Business Owners, Money
Lenders and residents of Johns Creek.

Everyone leaves with LEADS and they bring and share LEADS. Everyone
gets to introduce themselves and tell us about what we can do for them.
It’s networking, it’s sharing, it’s marketing at it’s best.

LEADS exchange monthly and members even get together afterwards for
a “MasterMind Group” meeting where they go deeper into sharing of
technology, tips, checklists, leads, etc.

So, you are welcome to join our group! We invited you to network wtih
us. Just sign up – it’s FREE at
and add yourself to the business directory at
also for FREE.

We welcome you!
Johns Creek City Guide, LLC


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