Posted by: dagmarsands | June 22, 2015

Our Devices or Yours?

Manta Tip of the Day:

Not so long ago, work was generally done within the confines of an office cubicle using equipment—typewriters to desktops—supplied by the employer. Now, however, everyone seems to have a bounty of personal mobile devices on which work could be, and is, done.

Which leads us to the question: Have you embraced BYOD (bring your own device)?

Some starting points:
■Set IT rules. Develop policies and procedures for IT and staff, so everyone knows who’s responsible for what.
■Best practices. Have employees sign off on a term-of-consent prior to accessing your company’s systems, and clearly state who the data belongs to in the event an employee leaves the company. It’s also important to update employment agreements to make sure you’re not violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.
■Security. Use tools to secure your company’s data and establish rules (and ongoing communications) about what applications should be avoided, or if used, what specific procedures must be followed.

Allowing employees to use their own devices can improve job satisfaction (who wants a PC when they can work best on their Mac?) and productivity (work anywhere at anytime). And, best of all, it lowers tech costs for you.


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