Posted by: dagmarsands | August 16, 2022

Aging Population – Americans 65 and older…

According to the CDC, by 2040, 80.8 million Americans will be older than 65. At this age, downsizing can be a tremendously daunting task for elders and their families. Old age is a delicate period, and older adults require comfort and care to lead healthy lives. Deciding on the kind of care your elderly loved one needs can be complex and overwhelming for seniors and their caregivers. Researching this topic can get very intimidating fast. 

For this reason, came up with a tool to help seniors and their families explore the different resources available to them. The self-assessment quiz is perfect for seniors and family members who don’t know where to start. This makes finding the best choice for them easy. It also discusses ways to achieve healthy aging and the different kinds of support for caregivers. You can view it here:

Credit goes to: Lee Adams

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