Posted by: dagmarsands | November 30, 2016

20 Habits of Highly Successful People!

20 Habits of Highly Successful People!

  1. Taking the Lead by being a good listener and follower
  2. Engaging the Prospect
  3. Asking the Right Questions – Positive Questions
  4. Communicate the message so Your Prospects will TRUST You
  5. Master the conversation techniques
  6. Knowing you are a consultant – be helpful
  7. Knowing how to make your product somewhere else
  8. Asking for the next appointment while you are on the first visit
    meet them half way
  9. Creating a plan with each new prospect by taking good notes
  10. Always ask for a referral
  11. Always tell the TRUTH
  12. Give yourself appropriate credit – People buy people
  13. Always arrive early – be on time for all your appointments
  14. Be enthusiastic, Be positive
  15. Come prepared – Read publications, learn more about your business by reading
  16. Be willing to support upcoming meetings and your TEAM if you have one.
  17. Always pass along opportunity when appropriate
  18. Give speeches – Be willing to commit and to speak
  19. Be honest with yourself about the nature of the company you work for
  20. Keep your sense of humor & excitement and enjoy what you do.




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