Posted by: dagmarsands | August 17, 2016

Johns Creek, GA – More and More Asian Buyers and Investors Looking here

In the past 3 weeks I’ve had 8 offers on one of my listings in Johns Creek, GA
and 90% of them were Asian Buyers.  When I asked them why Johns Creek, GA
they said they wanted to be close to their community.  Having #1 Schools is their
primary reason, having more of their Culture and Restaurants they said was
another and having Super H Mart close was also very important to them.
I’ve sold and closed properties with clients from 59 different countries that
relocated to metro Atlanta, GA area.  Japanese, Chinese, Philippines, Korean
are all very much interested in Johns Creek, GA.  I think it is wonderful that
they want to live close to each other, communicate, gather and help each other.
Now we are working with Chinese investors and Indian investors who are
interested in purchasing land here.

Being Bi-Lingual myself and understand what sense of community means,
I totally understand being close to people that speak your own language
and having children communicate and continue speaking their native language.
That is why I am also very interested helping Czech & Slovak Community.
I was born and raised in the former Czechlovakia and came to the United States as a teenager so I understand the cultural differences, language issues and even food
differences.  It may seem silly to some people, but if you have never eaten
“Sloppy Joe Sandwich” and you are from Europe where everyone eats with fork
and knife and then you see kids at school eating their sandwich with their hands,
it will be surprising to someone coming here.  The cutest story I have heard
from a Czech friend is that when he arrived in New York and went to Starbucks
and the lady behind the counter waiting on him asked him for his first name.
In shock he thought “WOW… she must really like me, I just came in for a cup
of coffee and she wants to know my name”.  Little did he know until later
that is the first thing they ask you at Starbucks.

For information about Foreign Investments, Buyers & Sellers of Foreign Properties,
International questions, feel free to contact us at 404-313-3456 or email us at :


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