Posted by: dagmarsands | January 14, 2016

Hiring: Cultural Fit Matters as Much as Skill Set

Manta Tip of the Day –

According to Manta’s Wellness Index survey, 83% of small business owners feel positive about business prospects in 2016, but one hurdle is still looming: 16% of small business owners found that the inability to hire and retain good employees hindered business performance in 2015.

So, with 39% of you planning to hire in the first half of 2016, what’s the best way to get great people for your company?

“A great way to hire employees who are a good fit is to have a referral program that encourages and rewards current employees for recommending good people,” suggested Rasheen Carbin, cofounder and CMO of nspHire. “The most common pitfall in hiring is looking for someone who exactly fits your job description. Don’t be a slave to a job description. After all, it’s only a wish list. Don’t pass on someone who is a great cultural fit because they don’t have the exact skills you wanted, especially if those skills can be easily taught.”

Needless to say, focusing on the wrong qualifications usually results in hiring the wrong candidate.

“Our own research echoes what we’ve seen in other studies—about half of hires result in people with insufficient or wrong skills taking the job,” said Magda Walczak, CMO of Search Party. “That means the new employee won’t be productive when they start and they won’t last long in the job. This is especially detrimental in a small business or startup where the team is small. Other team members end up having to pick up the work caused by a wrong hire, which decreases productivity all around.”

So, as you put your hiring plans for in motion, be selective, listen to your employees and customers—they might just have the perfect person ready and waiting for the job.

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