Posted by: dagmarsands | August 18, 2015

How To Handle Social Media Mis-Steps

Manta Tip of the Day –

Social media marketing is where it’s at for businesses of all sizes. Target and reach consumers across multiple channels simultaneously, and spread your brand’s message like warm butter. But what happens when you take a little tumble on the social media platform and your faux pas gets the better of you?

To reclaim your social standing:

  • Acknowledge the error as soon as you’re aware. Don’t take an ostrich approach and hope it all just goes away. It won’t.
  • Don’t go for the delete button. While removing what you posted, or what someone said, might ease your panic momentarily, attempting to erase a misstep will only enrage followers—especially those who raised objections in the first place. Screenshots live on forever.

While it might be a tough pill to get down, just as you would in person or over the phone, take the negative comments in stride, own any mistakes, and learn from what followers are telling you.


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