Posted by: dagmarsands | June 18, 2015

Get Your Business the Attention it Deserves in Your Community

Manta Tip of the Day:

Ever wonder why certain companies get local media attention again and again … and again? Yes, some people are natural marketers and others put big dollars into outsourcing to the experts, but many business owners simply pound the pavement to build media relationships. You can, too.

Approach it as a collaboration, a partnership of sorts. The media needs news; you need coverage. But you’ve got to put in some effort. Be sure to:

Do a little recon: Have you researched editorial calendars, specific sections or media kits?
Expand from the usual suspects: Target the right news organization; your local newspaper isn’t the only game in town. Hone in only on the writers, bloggers and producers with the relevant coverage area.
Make it easy: Journalists are always on deadline. Develop your pitch and do the work for them.
Perfect the follow-up: Following up should be prompt and courteous. And it’s not a task for the intern—do it personally.

Remember, your efforts aren’t only to get your latest news covered, it’s also about planting a seed. If you present yourself as an expert, when there’s a need, the news organization will be more likely to reach out for input or support. Give it and you’ll get it back.


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