Posted by: dagmarsands | May 27, 2015

Increase your Productivity by adhering to a To-Do List

Manta Tip of the Day:

That’s right. It’s 2015 and we are still talking about to-do lists. That’s because when orchestrated correctly, they increase productivity. Ever heard of the Ziegarnik Effect?

Essentially, unfinished tasks weigh down the self-conscious—clogging up your thoughts and reducing productivity. Research shows that incomplete tasks encourage disruption during unrelated tasks. Basically, whatever it is you need to do or finish will affect your current activity. The solution? Complete the task or make plans to finish it later. This is where the to-do list comes in as the simple act of writing things down (or typing or texting) quite literally alters the cognitive function that helps increase efficiency.

There’s an overwhelming amount of advice for the perfect to-do list system, but whether you’re using notepads, a spreadsheet or an app, it seems to boil down to:
■Control: Define your list management and review process, and follow it consistently.
■Action: Add specific actions verses generalities: ‘Call Jim to set a meeting for Monday’ versus ‘set a meeting.’
■Pragmatism: Create a running master list, but only pull out a realistic few to accomplish each day.

Keep in mind that taking control of your current list chaos is only part of the solution. Use the additional brainpower and finish your tasks.


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