Posted by: dagmarsands | April 9, 2015

Your Customers are More Than Simply Statistics: Get to Know Them as People!

Manta Tip of the Day:

Knowing some general information about potential customers is good. But having a clear and detailed picture of your ideal customer is better. Building high-level personas of your ultimate buyers, including what motivates purchasing decisions, provides a runway for effective targeted messaging.

Buyer profiles come in all different shapes and sizes, but most experts agree that they should include more than the usual demographic tidbits, such as age, gender, geographic info and income. To be effective, personas need a combination of quantitative and qualitative info, and should drill down deep into the why: Why do they prefer a product or service? Why do they purchase at particular times? Why does one message resonate and another doesn’t?

Simple steps to get started:
■Use whatever raw data you can get your hands on (e.g., website tracking and social media analytics).
■Combine the data with what you already know through face-to-face interactions, surveys, phone conversations and educated guesses based on general behaviors or patters to define broad categories.
■Humanize each persona with a name, some personal information (e.g., a hobby) and a picture.
■Limit yourself to three to five personas—remember, each sketch represents a broader group.

Your customers are your best resource for building out accurate personas. If possible, conduct formal interviews, but casual conversations can also supply loads of insight. Keep in mind that what you craft should evolve as your business and customer base evolves, so don’t worry about creating perfection.

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