Posted by: dagmarsands | March 23, 2015

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words, if not more

Manta Tip of the Day:

Yes, Instagram has been around for a while, everyone has heard of it, and you may even have an account with photos of your cat or plates full of the finest fare. But have you considered using it as a foundation for your social media marketing and to build a visual brand for your business? According to a study by Forrester, Instagram posts generate 120 times more engagement than their social counterparts.

Think of it as telling your story through images without being tormented with ads, having to say everything in 140 characters or less, or combat new algorithms every few weeks.

As you start snapping photos, keep a few things in mind:
•Show behind the scenes, as well as products and services, to connect with followers.
•Engage people by liking their posts and following them.
•Ask questions in captions to start conversations.
•Hashtags are how people find you, so use several per image.

Lastly, create a consistent publishing schedule, so there’s always fresh content on your feed, and share the fruits of your labor across all of your social media platforms. A snap and a share go a long way in social media marketing.

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