Posted by: dagmarsands | March 20, 2015

Apps are here to stay, and grow. Keep your business front and center!

Manta Tip of the Day:

Smartphones are everywhere and used for everything. According to the Pew Research Center, more than half of American adults have a smartphone (a number that’s predicted to increase)—and, not surprisingly, this number skyrockets with younger generations. The growing dependence on these mobile wonders, coupled with an explosion of loyalty marketing apps, is great news for small businesses.

While there’s nothing wrong with the old punch card, there are so many things right with a digital approach.
•Segmentation and targeting features that ensure the right offer goes to the right person based on specified behaviors or other predetermined factors.
•Push notifications designed and timed for specific audiences. (Some apps even include features that send a ‘welcome’ message when customers walk into your location.)
•Location tracking technology provides opportunities to ping customers when they’re nearby with incentives to stop in.
•Customers’ store activity can be linked to social media accounts, which benefits tracking and referral opportunities.

If you’re still on the fence, think about ease of administration, and the ability to fully track purchasing behavior, identify trends and evolve your strategy in real time. Now that’s smart!


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