Posted by: dagmarsands | April 9, 2014

Real Estate Bubble?? Is the history going to repeat itself AGAIN??????

This is what I have been saying – I feel as if we have a “Runaway Train” right now with housing…

It’s a great time for people to buy – but as this article points out and as I predict, we have another bubble growing and who knows when it will pop.   If you have a client that wants to buy right now in Gwinnett County for instance, they can get $7,500 to purchase this home – if they are buying under $123,500 resale home and under $196,500 new home.  In my opinion when a buyer has

“NO SKIN in the deal” sort of speak… what is going to prevent them after they are tired of this

Home to simply give it back to the bank.  ????? My honest opinion is make sure we help and assist buyers to make SMART decisions and we also do that ourselves.  Read this article… it will give you more knowledge about where we are and where we are probably heading….

Dagmar Sands


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