Posted by: dagmarsands | January 4, 2013

Happy New Year 2013! The BEST Year ever is coming up!

Dear Friends – Happy New Year 2013! 

I am so excited to let you know that I think in our real estate world this
will be one of the best years ever.  WHY? Because we’ve learned from
the last few years how to help others and how to help investors purchase
the right type of investments and make money instead of get stuck with
properties that depreciate for them.

Location, Location, Location is still very much true when buying, however,
what is more important these days are “TERMS, TERMS, and TERMS”.
What does this mean?  When you are selling a property, the more terms
you have to offer the buyer the faster it will sell.  This means you can be
flexible to do a “Lease Purchase”, short term “Owner Financing”, rent
to a buyer and then give them credit for part of their rent, etc.

Next, having a professional who can market your property in UNIQUE
way.  Not just placing a sign in your yard, throw the listing into MLS and
wait for nothing to happen.  This makes the listing stale and old.  You
need an agent who markets, promotes and exposes your property to
the right buyer out there today. 

Every property has a buyer out there for it.  Every single home,
investment or property has someone that will love it as much as you
did when you purchased it.  It’s finding the right investor or buyer
and making sure it is a WIN-WIN situation for you and them.

We will be helping thousands of clients through our experience
share ideas, stories and our monthly MEETUPS give investors
what they are looking for. 

JOIN US at and attend
one of our investors Meetups.  We welcome you and we are here
to always answer questions and give you tips. 

Dagmar Sands – World Class Real Estate Broker


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