Posted by: dagmarsands | October 28, 2012

Luxury Real Estate For Sale By Luxury Agents who get RESULTS!

Who buys Luxury Homes?  People who have arrived by making enough money in their entrepreneur business, celebrities, foreign buyers, CEO’s of large corporations, those with large inheritance, lotterywinners and hard working business owners.  

We have seen all of these circumstances and we also know these are individuals who have to understand overhead and what it may cost to maintain their Luxury Home.

In tough economy things turn around for each of thesthereof the market can affect them losing their Luxury Property.  This is why REAL ESTATE INTERNATIONAL who has worked with many foreign buyers and sellers can assist them with selling and protecting them from losing their investment. We ask the property owners to bring us in before it is too late and the bank is knocking on their door many times ready to foreclose.  

We have experience working with banks, with finding the right buyer for the property and For getting it SOLD.

REAL ESTATE INTERNATIONAL – Dagnar Sands -World Class Real Estate BROKER


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