Posted by: dagmarsands | August 27, 2012

Should I SELL? I need to Sell but I am not sure…. What is the Answer?

HOLD or Sell?  What is my answer?  You probably know the answer. But like
the  six stages of death (denial, anger, depression, bargaining, devastation
and acceptance) dealing with the REALITY can be very hard. Depending on your
own situation, you may recoup some of your investment and you will cut your

We all wish we had the CRYSTAL BALL and hind sight is is always better than
foresight, but today’s market’s reality is this:  “You may lose some on having to
sell now, however, you can buy and gain the losses you’ve lost by buying smaller
or something more suitable for your today’s needs. 

We have worked with thousands of clients and we love being the sound board
to answer some of your real estate questions – should you buy or should you
sell now???  

Contact us for private consultation – Dagmar Sands – Real Estate International



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