Posted by: dagmarsands | June 10, 2012

Interest Rates are LOW, is this the sign or Economy Recovery???? NO, not at all!

Media wants you to believe that we are recovering, we are heading
for the most incredible time of our lives!  Yeah, RIGHT! Don’t you
think that if the economy was recovering that interest rates would
start rising?  Common sense tells you that so why is the media
lying to all of us?

As a Realtor when I ride around and show properties, I feel so sad
for sellers who are upside down with their mortgages.  Even if we
love their home, comparables are hurting all of these sellers. 
Appraisers representing the bank will not allow the cost to be higher
than these comps.  It’s so sad to see that.

What is the solution?  You ask the right questions.  You do your
homework whether you are seller or a buyer.  If you don’t have to sell
right away, stay until things start changing.  If you are buying, your
Realtor will find you a great buy!  Research interest rates and reserach
programs – Take your time to do it right! 

We do all hope it will change back up and we all want to make smart
decisions until it does. 

Dagmar Sands – What to do before you list your home”
Real Estate International, Inc.


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