Posted by: dagmarsands | June 10, 2012

How to LIST your home and have a Successful Sale of your home!

When selling your home – you can look at our tips we’ve created
for you at “What to Do Before You List Your Home”. They will be
a good beginning for you to have some great tools.  Here is what
you need to do:

1.  Think like you were the buyer of your home.
2.  Go outside and look at the front of the home – the first impression
     of your home will be the greatest. Are the gutters cleaned, is the
     front door painted, new kickplate installed, do you have flowers or
     planters near the front door giving the entrance a “Home feel”.
3.  When you step inside the home – what is the smell that welcomes
     you?  Is it fresh, pet odor, stuffy or is it clean?
4.  Is the home staged? That makes the best first impression.
5.  Are the closets neat, cluttered or look large and open?
6.  Does the home look light, bright, open, homy?
7.  When you look at the backyard – is it mowed, clean, fresh?

Here are the next most important steps: 
1.  You go around the neighborhood and look at your competition.
2.  What are the others home priced at?  What are the comps?
3.  Do you show better than other homes? Are you price right?

OK.. if you have done these steps – YOU are now ready to hire
a professional real estate TEAM to help you sell your home. 
For Sale By Owner does not work in today’s market.  I understand
you trying to do it yourself but this is not the time or market to
do so.  You need a Professional Realtor to do it for you because
they can reach the SMALL amount of buyers out there. 

Good luck and let us know if we can help you answer any other
real estate questions you may have about selling your home.


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