Posted by: dagmarsands | May 17, 2012

Successful Partnerships – How to Succeed in Business

        10 Codes of Conduct for Successful Partnerships

1.  I will communicate with the other members with honesty and
integrity, and accept responsibility to create a safe and
trustworthy partnership that honors our deepest values while
making a positive impact in the world.

2.  I assume full and complete responsibility for my behaviors
and actions and give the other members responsibility for theirs.

3.  I will, as a conscious decision, choose patience over
impatience, compassion over judgment, flexibility over rigidity,
“letting go” over “needing to control,” gratitude over complaining,
and unfailing optimism over doubt.

4.  I will, as needed from time to time, find the courage and
strength I need to deal with any challenges our partnership and
the other parts of my life bring our way.

5.  I will care for myself physically, emotionally, and
spiritually, so that I have adequate reserves in place to
contribute to our partnership as I have promised.

6.  I will focus on having fun as a way of being, so that we have
an enjoyable and fun partnership.

7.  I will let other members know using a phone or face-to-face
meeting when I am upset, troubled, or angry so that we can work
together to stay in harmony.

8.  I promise to work through and resolve any conflicts that come
up in a manner that creates a resolution we can all be happy with.

9.  I will tolerate and accept our differences with the goal of
learning to celebrate our diversity.

10.  I will, when the time is right, end this partnership
respectfully and with grace, respecting other member’s
contributions and appreciating everything we’ve been able to
achieve together.

I read these at the Mentor Financial and thought these were great tips
that should be shared with others.  

Dagmar Sands
Real Estate International, Inc.  


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