Posted by: dagmarsands | April 26, 2012

Satisfaction Guaranteed – or Your Money Back! What happened to SERVICE?

What happened with Vendors today and SERVICE?  What happened to the good ole saying Satisfaction Guaranteed – or your MONEY BACK?  Today you pay twice or three times the amount and many times you get shady or not so great service.  Am I the only one that feels this way?  I don’t think so.

Here is an example of few of the latest experiences that I have had.  Contractor whom I was going to use wanted to charge me these unbelievable prices.  When I asked for a written estimate that is itemized I found out that I was being charged $250 for a permit which I didn’t think as a homeowner I needed.  Well, I went to the county and got it myself – the cost was only $30.  Yes, I understand it takes time, gas and money to go get it – and I could understand being charged double, or triple for this item.. but come on…. 8 times the cost?  Highway Robbery that’s what I call it.  Ok, next item on the list was $150 – so I googled the item on the internet and it only costs $26 – WOW… and then I find out week later after I pay for this item – they didn’t even install it. 
I could write an entire book about contractors – would love to hear your story about if you see the SERVICE lacking these days or is it just me?   I honestly don’t think it is me, there are just way too many people waiting to get a job for some of us being ripped off like this.

I had to share this and want you to know – BEWARE of some vendors out there.  Do your homework, do your research and let’s stop these companies that take advantage of others. 


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