Posted by: dagmarsands | December 13, 2011

Top Producer Tips for 2012

Ok… first let me share this with you! Being a Top Producer you have to
be willing to do what other’s are not ready to do. That means set your
goals in writing, have a definitely period and time when to accomplish
your goals and have someone hold you accountable accomplishing them.

It seems easy and it is – as long as you make this a habbit for 2012.
Use all the latest networking, technology and free tools that will help
you to stay on track. Use tools like to get yourself organized.
Use tips like social media updates you can get from so many different
groups. Join our network and listen to our monthly conference calls and
most of all – GET OFF the routine you’re on and CHANGE your habbits.

I promise – 2012 is the New Year to create habbits… Help yourself by
having a sound Mastermind Group to get you to this goal. Good luck
and I hope 2012 is the best year for you!

Dagmar Sands – Real Estaet International – World Class Real Estate Broker


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