Posted by: dagmarsands | December 13, 2011

Generation X and Generation Y – what is different from all of us?

I have had the privilege of having two young interns in my company this semester
so I asked them few simple questions:
1. When you pick up a smart phone and go to the “Games” how do you know how
to play them? The answer was: That’s easy… you just figure it out!….
Well, wait a minute I tried that and that did not work for me. I guess I
don’t have that Generation X and Generation Y mindset.
2. If I walked into your room right now… would it be CLEAN? … answer
received from both interns was… well, I don’t make up my bed every day
I make it up right before I get into it and my closet is not clean – I keep
most of my clothes on the back of my computer chair…. What?????
I just shrug my shoulders to this answer… are you kidding me? Really???
3. Address an envelope for me please… and when you see it. wow SHOCKING…
kids graduating from high school – seniors and they have no idea to put
the address on the right side lower part of the envelope – they address
it to the left in the middle…. WOW… are you kidding me? We are not
teaching this generation in classrooms the real things in life they need.
I guess they will do everything on-line and never think to address a thank
you note or a letter. What is happening with Generation X, Generation Y
and Generation Z????? These are the leaders hopefully for our nation
when we get old – Yikkeees..That is very scarry to me? is it to YOU????

4. What about TEXTING? Ask a teenager today – do you TEXT.. the answer is
of course! Ask then do you pay for it yourself.. the Answer is – NO
my parents pay for my phone. Well, when it costs nothing – it’s easy
for a teenager to send over 15,000+ messages per month.. but what she
doesn’t have time to make up her bed, help with chores around the house
or get a job… SCARY!
Do you get what I’m trying to say here? Responsibility is NOT the priority
in these young people today!

We may be older, some of our friends are Baby Boomers… but do we think
differently??? oh YEAH!!!
We sure do – we are more responsible than our generation coming up today.
Let’s all take part of helping these young people and educate one at a time
about the real life.

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