Posted by: dagmarsands | May 25, 2011

GREENShades Eco Village Unveiled This Evening!

Dagmar Sands - Unveiling of Green Shades Eco Village

Today, May 25, 2011 – the GreenShades Eco Village Plan was unveiled for the USA
and Global Master Plan.

GreenSHADES Eco-Villages are unique, earth friendly planned communities designed
for residents seeking a healthy and Eco-Conscious Lifestyle locally or globally. It is
a community committed to a path of resiliency, compassionate action, and healthy
interdependence where there is an exchange of culture in real estate, food, retail,
personal and community development, with a balance of inclusiveness and prosperity.
The eco-village project development implement and foster sustainable, best practices
to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE from groundbreaking to completion. Innovative
“green” design, building materials, energy, products and services assure our residents
reduced energy costs which are integrated into the home with workplace and recreation
amenities. GreenSHADES Eco Villages will include generous green space, peripheral
parking, spectacular landscaped open spaces, featured award winning international
and local restaurants, meeting spaces, retail facilities, passive solar design, vernacular
materials and waste to energy conceptions.

We work diligently with eco- conscious Vendors to bring us the highest quality of
GREEN products and Eco Friendly Materials.

Our vision in our GreenSHADES Eco Villages are to establish a community based
on sustainable environmental practices, cooperative community, Green Movement,
E- Learning, Cultural Exchange and Healthy Living.

We want to THANK all of our Eco- Alliance Network who have chosen to assist us
in Reducing Our Carbon Footprint thus supporting the ZERO Waste by 2020
initiative adopted by 21+ states nationwide. It has been a TEAM effort of many
eco-conscious individuals, companies and vendors that have made this dream
a REALITY and we want to say “THANK YOU”. We look forward to everyone that
LIVES, WORKS and PLAYS in our community to have the best QUALITY of LIFE!

Please contact us for more information at: Dagmar Sands – Real Estate International


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