Posted by: dagmarsands | May 10, 2011

Support Your Local Community – Johns Creek, Georgia

Buying local creates and supports jobs in the Community and the Community in
turn can support new ventures. Johns Creek City Guide prides itself on sharing
the message with the community that we MUST help each other and we must
“Choose To USE Johns Creek”!

I have lived in Johns Creek for the past 33 years. Probably one of the very first
residents in the area when State Bridge Road was a 2 lane road and you could
see a car every 30 minutes or so… today in front of my home there are 33,000
cars per day. My, how things do change, but one thing is for sure! I love my
area and our new city, Johns Creek, Georgia, therefore, I promote it, I support
it and I love it. I shop for groceries at my local Publix store, I use Johns Creek
Cleaners for alterations and dry cleaning, my family uses Johns Creek Dentist,
our dogs are groomed at Johns Creek Petco, my date night with my husband is
at Johns Creek Outback Steakhouse or at Johns Creek Stoney River, our poodles
get their shots at Johns Creek Vetenerian, my mail gets delivered to Johns Creek
UPS store and my kids attended Johns Creek Schools from elementary all the way
to High School.

It is great when you can support your local community, you feel like you are
a big part of it and you support it daily.

Johns Creek City Guide is a one stop shop for all the residents to fiind all local
information, local schools, local restaurants, local business directory and Johns
Creek City Guide helps promote local businesses through regular monthly
Meetups and events.

Information from the Mayor, Johns Creek Business Association, Johns Creek
Chamber of Commerce, Johns Creek Visitors Bureau is all included on the site.
Please visit the site if you want to support Johns Creek at:
Dagmar Sands with Real Estate International, Inc. is the founder of “Become
the Mayor of Your Own Real Estate Village” where Johns Creek, Georgia has
been the Village she has supported and sponsored.


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