Posted by: dagmarsands | April 13, 2011

Never say NEVER!

Have you ever noticed that when you say “I will NEVER do something”… that it
is the exact thing you will be doing one day soon? It’s happened to be so many
times in life that I\’ve now adopted the saying “NEVER say NEVER”.

I’ve said before – I would NEVER take an overpriced listing and then BOOM… some
seller would convince me that their home was SPECIAL and against my better
judgement I would list their home just to find out that my gut feeling is what I
should always listen to.

I’ve said I would NEVER get involved in the SHORT SALES or FORECLOSURES
and find myself helping buyers that buy these.

In today’s economy and market – we end up doing many things we thought
we would NEVER DO. What I found out from this experience is that if you have
an open mind and think out of the box, OPEN your mind to POSSIBILITIES and
OPPORTUNITIES, it will take you to a place and you will meet PEOPLE you
NEVER thought You’d MEET.

To prove that is – I just had my picture taken with our new Governor in the
state of Georgia Nathan Deal because I am now going GREEN and will represent
the ECO VIllage in marketing it to the foreign investors and buyers.

Dagmar Sands


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