Posted by: dagmarsands | March 25, 2011

The Most Important Book in the Bible – JOB!

Brian Buffini shared with us many tips today on “How Realtors can be
building business in 2011”. Going back to Fundamentals.

What are the most important three factors people need today?
1. Food 2. Shelter 3. Clothing
In 1980-2000 there were 750,000 Realtors in the business of selling
real estate. Then things were so good that everyone decided to
get licensed and by the year of 2000 we had 1,360,000 Realtors in
the United States that became members of NAR (The National
Association of Realtors).

As I listened to Brian Buffini I was making my own notes and I
realized that in the past 30 years in my business we have always
strived to do the fundamentals of CUSTOMER SERVICE and client
appreciation. Many Realtors don’t get this and that is why so many
of them have left our industry.

Three most important factors are: VALUE, VALUE and VALUE!
Statistics that was shown was that when a home is on the
market with a Realtor it sells for $196,300 – when a seller is trying
to sell it on their own they sell it for $140,000 – that proves that
having a Realtor who has been in business for a long time you
get more money by hiring a true professional. When a home sells
it usually sells for 96% of the FINAL list price. Also statistics showed
that it is cheaper to BUY than RENT in 3/4 of American cities – that’s
HUGE. Wake up tenants – it is cheaper to BUY than to RENT. Let me
repeat that for those that still didn’t get it -“IT IS CHEAPER TO BUY
THAN TO RENT in 3/4 of American Cities.

“I’m NEVER TOO BUSY for your REFERRALS”! Let me and my TEAM
know if when we can be of help to you – we are the Realtors that
strive to SURVIVE in this business by giving GREAT SERVICE to all
of our buyers and sellers today!

Dagmar Sands – Real Estate International, Inc.
World Class Real Estate Broker CIPS ABR

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