Posted by: dagmarsands | February 16, 2011

Success! Do you want it bad enough? Do You want Multiple Streams of Income?

“Success comes from a constant focus on renewal”. – Gary Tooker

Even when you arrive at the point of success and you have reached your goal,
it is no time to STOP, you need to stay focused on renewal.  Successful people
keep moving forward.  Have you seen Oprah Winfrey STOP?  No, she just keeps
on re-inventing herself and she strives to bring in new multiple streams of income.

Which leads me to discuss this new topic for 2011. 
It’s called “Multiple Steams of Income”!  That’s right. Everone is doing it, it’s the
way to have more income coming into your funnel and I call it “Mailbox Money”.

My husband Tom retired 5 months ago.  He found a new way of getting this new
concept – he has his retirement and now he started a new venture.  I’m so happy
about it that I am sharing it with everyone. 

If you want to create a new way of Multiple Income and Receive Mailbox Money,
check out his website and click on the “START NOW” button and he will then
once you’re signed up help you reach SUCCESS! 

Click on  – I promise this will blow you away!
Tom can be reached at 770-476-5523 so tell him I bragged on him. 

Dagmar Sands
Real Estate International, Inc.
World Class Real Estate Broker

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