Posted by: dagmarsands | February 2, 2011

Quote for the Day!

“There may be luck in getting a job, but there’s no luck in keeping it”.
– J. Ogden Armour

Companies today are looking for good, loyal and qualified employees.
They post jobs through Job Hunters and they advertise on social
media as well as local newspapers.  Jobs are available and there are
thousands of unemployed people looking. 

These days, however, companies want employees who are quick to
learn, who are qualified and who are willing to work longer hours and
go that extra mile.  So many today’s laid off employees are willing to
draw their unemployment without going to work for little less.  So
many times we see and hear employees saying they will only take
a job for “X” number of dollars per hour, they forget that once their
foot is in the door they could get a raise and increased to a better
position and long term opportunity. 

Things new hires should remember: 

1)  Arrive on time at your interview.
2)  Don’t overdress or underess for the job position.
3)  First appearance counts the most – be polite and excited about 
      the opportunity of this interview.
4)  Bring well prepared resume.
5)  Do your homework about the company you are interviewing with.
6)  Make sure you have good references.

Good luck in today’s job hunting!  Keep a positive attitude and convince
the person who is interviewing you that “YOU” are the best person for
the job.

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