Posted by: dagmarsands | January 5, 2011

Goals and Objectives for 2011!

The New Year is here and it’s time for resolutions.
Have you set goals and objectives for yourself for the new year?
GOALS tend to be broad, intangible, abstract, and can’t be
validated, while OBJECTIVES tend to be more narrow, precise,
tangible, concrete, and can be validated. Be accountable to
yourself and WRITE down at least four goals and three objectives
to reach each goal here. Make them S.M.A.R.T.–strategic,
measurable, attainable, reasonable & timely.These are great points shared by someone from networking
and this works. Also, creating a Mastermind Group in your
area works great to share business opportunities with members
of your group. 

Let’s make 2011 the BEST year ever – and let’s help each
.  We also want to share with you tips and techniques
about real estate so we have created a website for you:  
 1. and
 2. which should give
       you some information that may be very helpful to you.

Happy New Year!  from all of us at Real Estate International, Inc.
Sincerely,  DAGMAR SANDS



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