Posted by: dagmarsands | January 3, 2011

Quote for the Day! Tips on Buying & Selling from Dagmar Sands

“Only those who risk going too far will ever know how far they can go”.

I plan going far this year – far with my real estate career and far with
my own “Real Estate Village Concept” which has been perfected and
now works on it’s own.

In order to get results you have to try and try again until you get
what it is you really want to accomplish.  My goal this year is to sell
all of my listings and to truly give  my 110% to all of my sellers and
my buyers. 

This is the reason why I’m working so hard on technology to give
my buyers and sellers and relocating clients all the answers on how
to sell, how to buy and how to invest or relocate from another country.

Please follow my blog and visit:
Please send us a comment or e-mail and let us know what other questions
you may have – you never know someone else may be thinking the same as
you.  Happy New Year! 
Dagmar Sands – Real Estate International, Inc.


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