Posted by: dagmarsands | October 31, 2010

Johns Creek, Georgia – Interview with Kendra Gerlach

Emory Johns Creek Hospital

I’ve had the privilege to interview Kendra Gerlach with Emory Johns Creek yesterday.
I have to say that this hospital located in Johns Creek, Georgia has the most
incredible facility, best staff, awesome Chef Patrick Ramirez and it’s like being at
a retreat, not at a hospital. Daily food preparations include diabetic diet, healthy
diet and custom food preparation.

Emory Johns Creek Hospital is located off Hwy 141 at 6325 Hospital Parkway,
Johns Creek, Georgia. Hospital has 110 patient beds. It’s a facility that offer
EXCELLENCE. It has over 800 physicians and services include:
Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopaedics, Neonatal Intensive
Care Unit, Emergency Unit, Birth Center, Bariatrics, Neurosciences/
Neurosurgery,Intensive Care Unit, and much more.

Emory Johns Creek hospital gives back to the community. Many events
are being held at the hospital including: Women’s Day, Boy’s Scouts,
Johns Creek Business Association, Private and Corporate Events. I hope
you will check the hospital services on the website: and look for more information and
the interview at the website under
Business Videos.

Sincerely, Dagmar Sands
Real Estate International, Inc.


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