Posted by: dagmarsands | September 30, 2010

Luxury Real Estate Conference – New thoughts…

I have attended the Luxury Real Estate Conference in Seattle, WA.
It was well attended by Brokers, Agents, Investors from all over the
world. I was so honored to be on the great panel with Brokers like
Peter Kempf, Pat Choi, Todd Cutter and Liz Christoffersen. We
were on the panel discussing “Best Practices: Catering to International Clientele.” In today’s market, foreign buyers have
CASH and they require more time, more patience and more knowledge dealing with them. Therefore, brokers who are Certified International Property Specialists, FIABCI International Property Consultants and FIREC designees have an advantage because they love to work with Brokers with these certifications.

We all agree that marketing to foreign investors and foreign
clientele you need to have special etiquette, you should know
about their cultures, their customs and how to assist them.
Changing currency can have a large impact especially when
dealing in multi-million dollar properties or large investments.

So, currency, traditions, customs, measurements, style, it
all is very important. By being bi-lingual helps and having
an agent assist the client in their own language is also very
beneficial. We have recorded this and will post the entire
interview on “You Tube”.
Dagmar Sands – Real Estate International, Inc.
World Class Real Estate Broker


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