Posted by: dagmarsands | September 17, 2010

Goodbye Dean Gardens…Goodbye Larry Dean…we will miss you!

I attended the final auction at the Dean Gardens
on Sunday 9/12/10 and I have to tell you – that
entire afternoon all I could hear in my head is
the song that Elton John sang at Diana’s funeral
“Goodbye England’s Rose…. but the words in
my head were:
Goodbye Dean Gardens – Goodbye Larry Dean….. you
were a legend of Johns Creek. The legend of our area,
the largest home in Johns Creek, Georgia with
the most beautiful gardens, Johns Creek mansion
on Chattahoochee River, beautifying the area with
your beautiful golf course, your incredible before
it’s time vision of luxury, your lake, grass tennis
courts, European flair, Japanese Gardens, awesome
artwork, beautiful pool, sculptures, fountains,
wedding chapel, breathtaking backyard, and one
of a kind piece of property. 

You’ve lived your life in Johns Creek like a candle
in the wind…your footsteps will always follow you 
your candles burned out long before your legend
ever will….
Larry we will never forget your legend.  Those of us that
visited your mansion have the signed book by you that
we will treasure FOREVER!

Goodbye Johns Creek Rose – may you remain in our
hearts….you were the greatest estate home,
Goodbye Johns Creek Rose… we will miss the wings
of your compassion more than you will ever know…
you’ve lived your life in Johns Creek like a candle in
the wind… and your footsteps will always follow you
in the minds of those in Johns Creek!
I’m truly sentimental about this piece of property. 
I read the book, I read the story

of a man and a family
that made it from nothing to making a dream come
true! I applaud Larry Dean and wish him the very
best in his new life in Florida.  May he continue to
bless others with his visionary approach to life and
his Christian belief to make this world a better place.
Goodbye Dean Gardens and Goodbye Larry Dean….
we will miss you! 

I will never forget that Sunday afternoon 9/12/10.
Just like I remember where I was on 9/11 or where
I was when Diana died.  I felt so sad to see it all
auctioned off even though I felt Larry Dean and
his family could finally move on to their new horizons. 


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