Posted by: dagmarsands | September 9, 2010

FOREIGN BUYERS… where are they coming from??

On my birthday – September 2, 2010 I attended the CREW Atlanta Luncheon
which was really awesome.  Here is the topic that was discussed:

Today’s CREW lunch meeting was enlightening when it comes to our economy and the impact foreign investment can have on it….and it can be positive based on the panelists….Danielle Fernandes, Program Manager for Business Engagement for Atlanta Developement Authority was the moderator for panelists, Zeb Bradford, Senior Managing Director Investments at Metzler, Terrance Ober, Senior VP at Cohen & Steers and John Woodward, Director, Foreign Investment, Global Commerce, Economic Development Division for the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

You can learn so much when you attend events like CREW Luncheons, FIABCI meetings,
CREW conventions.  The world economy has it’s own challenges and learning from other
countries what they have experienced and learning where today’s buyers are coming
from can only LEAD to more business opportunities.  Yes, the new word for Dagmar Sands in 2010 economy is “OPPORTUNITIES”. 

Thanks, – Dagmar Sands – Real Estate International, Inc.
World Class Real Estate Broker


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