Posted by: dagmarsands | August 6, 2010

Luxury Home – Luxury Mansion – Dean Gardens – SOLD!

Front Page news in Atlanta, Georgia is that the DEAN Gardens property has SOLD. I remember when I first went to view the property about 14 years ago or longer and it was priced at $42,000,000. It was incredible to walk through the property and listen Enya’s music, see the beautiful lake behind the home, pool shaped like an oyster, and then view this incredible mansion that was ONE of a kind. It was Luxury Home at it’s finest. It took over 200 artists to paint ceilings, hang art work and I was in an awe as I walked through this incredible property that had so much to offer. To hear that the Dean Gardens will be torn down saddens me. Larry and Linda Dean built their incredible vision into reality and now there are talks about it being demolished. My heart hurts for them because I know how much love, hard work and inspiration they have put into this incredible property. I showed it to 17 Japanese Counselors of Real Estate in 1996. Larry Dean was very kind and signed his book for every single one of them. He took us on the tour of the property and I loved reading the book. It was a story of a young man who started from his own garage, worked very hard and achieved the American dream.

I remember meeting Mr. Larry Dean for the first time at my church, North Dekalb Christian Church. I was very young and I was inspired by his talk. Our minister, Eddie Bowen invited Larry Dean to speak and then his wife Kathy worked for SSI (Stock Holder Systems, Inc.) in Norcross, GA. I was fortunate to work with number of families who worked for Mr. Deans company. I heard them tell stories how Larry Dean was the kindest person they knew. He was always there for the employees. He shared a story that when he interviewed someone he always asked what they would do if they would see a coffee pot empty. If they were not willing to make more coffee they did not get hired. At his company everyone was willing to help out. I loved that story. I also heard that Mr. Dean built a hotel for his clients to come and stay right on the premises. He purchased azaleas and hired help to have them planted all around the company. When I used to drive to the company to deliver contracts I felt as if I was entering a solitude. Flowers, trees, beautiful surroundings. It was absolutely a place that I am sure everyone loved going to work. My clients also told me about Linda Dean. They said that she had a heart of GOLD. Linda never forgot to write a “Thank you” note or a Birthday card for any of the employees. She was very detailed and she cared about others. Larry and Linda had a beautiful family. I was honored to have met all the kids when the Mansion went up for sale in the very beginning. They invited all the agents to come out and greeted us at the door – with the entire family. I loved it. I have also talked with Jason, who became licensed and was selling the property. Jason is also a very kind person. He lives in Johns Creek and has always been wonderful to work with.

What can I say? I am happy that they have sold their property but I am very sad that the vision, the dream and what I saw in the original video when the property was built with so much love will now be torn down. I know that the Dean family was hoping to have this property one day be like the Biltmore house. I can’t believe that the Citizens and City Council of Johns Creek didn’t support other visions Larry Dean had when he tried to rezone and change the property into another vision he had. He is a visionary and I know whatever he would have done with this property would have been great. I know that Larry Dean is also a good Christian because I met him at my church those many years ago. I wish him and his entire family peace, health and happiness and I am happy that I had the opportunity to see their vision, visit their DREAM LAND and their DREAM HOME and I wish them all well in their future. Sincerely, Dagmar Sands
Real Estate International, Inc.



  1. I know you must remember when we had the national FIABCI meeting here and took a bunch of agents out to meet Larry and go over the property. What was the name of the very small lady who wore a dress modeled after an admiral’s uniform, was from Hollywood and was certain she’d be back with a buyer for Dean Gardens – at $30mil.+?

    • Gene best to you in 2011 – Marika O’Dell was the lady you talked about earlier this year. I have not been able to reach her.
      I have been thinking about her so much. Best to you and your family and please do stay in touch. Dagmar

  2. Thank you for sharing the story. I am very sad to hear that it will be torn down – I searched to find details and your blog gave the most info – thank you.

    My family moved in the area shortly after it was built and I came upon the structure one day and it appeared as if a mirage. I was a 20 year old college student and dragged my boyfriend (now husband) to see it. The back gate was open and we drove in – not sure what this was. It looked like Disney World. We stood there in awe. I researched and found out who and how someone had the means to build such a structure.

    We had moved away to California and returned in 2001 and bought a starter home just a few miles from Dean Gardens – I would continue to be inspired by it daily. I will be sad not to see it’s graceful structure in the distance.

    It’s nice to hear that the Dean family was an inspiring group of people, beyond thier financial success.

    • Irina, best to you in 2011 – please continue to enjoy your home in Johns Creek/Alpharetta, Ga – and please check out the
      WEBSITE and feel free to sign our guestbook there and put something on our blog. Stay in touch
      in 2011. Thanks, Dagmar Sands

  3. good blog Dagmar!


    • Thanks Luxus – please stay in touch in 2011. Dagmar

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