Posted by: dagmarsands | April 23, 2010

Enjoy every moment of your life… Try it.. it’s really KOOL!

I was getting to the point last week that frustration was getting the best of me.
Frustration with these “Short Sales”, Frustration with Real Estate Agents NOT
returning my calls, Frustration with every contract that I have written all of
a sudden had “Multiple Offers” on it.

I decided something had to change and I decided that it will be my ATTITUDE
that will change. I will NOT allow myself to get frustrated again…I know that
things usually always work out for the best so why not STOP and enjoy every
moment of your life. I tried it and I love it! It’s KOOL. I go for walks,
I make a call to someone I have not talked with in a long time, I try to live by
the GOLDEN rule and I try to make at least one person happy a day. Sometimes
I do it through my writings on social medial, sometimes through the telephone,
sometimes just by helping others when I see they need my help. So my advise
is… try it.. you will like it.

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