Posted by: dagmarsands | April 20, 2010

Change is good… we have to think out of the box…

Yes, Change is a great thing.. when it is a good change. I have been
so tired of writing offers on foreclosures, short sales and homes that buyers were trying to steal.. that it’s great to change this business a little and do something different.

I have a client looking for large tracts of land so it’s been incredibly great
for me to go and walk land with sellers who are motivated to sell. It’s
awesome to get in a four wheeler and take a ride on a 1200 acre tract of
land it feels like you’re in GOD’s COUNTRY. It’s even great for me to smell
the green grass, the hay, cattle, horses and hear the chickens.

It has been like taking a vacation for me. Today I rode around in the car
with an 80 year old man. It was so great to hear his point of view on life.
I felt revived, refreshed and like I was attending “LIFE COLLEGE”. All my knowledge, education, book and internet knowledge went out the window.
He talked in simple terms, he shared stories from years ago and I felt like
I was learning true value of life.

Even when he talked about living with his wife for 58 years and his
father-in-law was married to his wife for 78 years I thought… wow… most people these days don’t even make it to 5-10 years. What has changed us? What happened to the simple life?
I’m not sure – all I know.. it felt good visiting the good old days and I’m so happy that I’ve had this great opportunity. It makes me once again think
out of the box and it makes me a better person.

Change is GOOD… we have to get out of our box… get out of our routine
and LIVE.

I wish you all the best today, tomorrow and always.

Dagmar Sands – Real Estate International, Inc.


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