Posted by: dagmarsands | April 7, 2010

Dagmar Sands – The First WOMAN President in the United States!

Dagmar Sands – the First Woman President in the United States!
Ok… so what do you think about that? I now have the experience, I have
been around politicians, I’m now close to being middle aged… and I can I’ve
traveled the world over and I do know where Russia is! HA! But I think I’m
too honest and I care way too much about this country and about all the fellow

I think I will just be the “Mayor of my Own Village” and remain “The Purple
Snowflake in Real Estate”
and try to stand out against my competition. But
you know.. I have just returned from Washington DC and when I stood in front
of the White House and visited the National Museum and all the Presidents it
was sort of an interesting feeling. It’s AWESOME to walk in the same area
our Past Presidents walked and being able to take a picture in front of the
White House and all the Monuments.

So, even though it’s so much fun to say:
“Dagmar Sands – The First Woman President in the United States” I will
just remain, Dagmar Sands – “Your Realtor for LIFE – not just one transaction!”
and if you ever need me to help you with anything in the real estate field,
please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’m NEVER too busy for your
referrals and for helping you make your DREAMS a reality!

Dagmar Sands – Real Estate International, Inc.
World Class Real Estate Broker


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