Posted by: dagmarsands | April 5, 2010

Bodacious Homes – Luxury Homes – One of a Kind Homes!

I watched the most incredible show this evening about Bodacious Homes.
I have through the many years in real estate visited huge amount of homes
in Hawaii, Europe, U.S. and all over the world. It’s always amazing to me
to see how each property owner brings their own lifestyle, their own taste
and their own background into their bodacious home.

Barbie Benton for instance was one of the property owners who brought
her lavish lifestyle she experienced in the Playboy Mansion. Huge dining
room, elevators with murals, incredible paintings, beautiful views, etc.
Another owner in Miami has a huge closet larger than most New York
apartments with a private security system just for the closet.

Yet another home had 13 levels, moving refrigerator on an elevator so
that you went from one level to the other, everything moved with you.
Food, utensils, etc. Bodacious homes have it all, they are lavish, over
the top, one of a kind and reflect the lifestyle of the owner in a very
unique way. The WOW factor exists in every single room of these homes.

Here is one for you: One property owner stated that keeping a good
marriage is to have two separate TV’s in the master bedroom. Blinds
close and the husband and wife each have their own movies, show
and things to watch with headphones. Incredible – Bodacious!

So, as I have always told my kids – “DREAM BIG… for there is
NO MAGIC in SMALL DREAMS” You too can have a bodacious home
and live a lifestyle of the rich and famous.

My word of wisdom is – don’t let the material things take over
your happiness. Do everything with pleasure, happiness and
sharing with others. Dagmar Sands
Real Estate International Inc. – World Class Real Estate


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