Posted by: dagmarsands | February 24, 2010

ANOTHER Night… with Windows, Gateway, Norton, Microsoft… I’ve talked with them all today!

Well, you can be having a great day and all of a suddent in one minute your life
changes. Your entire database gets wiped out of your computer (only GOD
knows why?) and poof… you heart races and you panic. You don’t know whether
you want to cry, scream, get angry or what to do. All the emotions set in at once.

This almost feels like the time I was robbed in Paris when my wallet, my credit cards,
my passport and my money were all gone. Only this time you think… oh perhaps technical support can help me.
Ok.. so you call Norton.. they tell you to call Microsoft… who tells you to call
Norton back.. so you do… they tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong
and you have NO virus, call Microsoft back…

OK.. so now you go back to India.. where it’s now 7:30 am. and you’re at your
office at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday evening. They all connect into your computer and
try to find what is causing this… two or three times you are asked to go and have
a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. Geee.. my eyes are crossing, I’m tired, scared,
frustrated and only a glass of red wine will help at this point. Well, there is NO
one that comes up with a solution.

Then you are told you have a Gateway computer, call them and let them restore your
computer. So, here we go back to them. Now a friendly voice of a young woman from
India greets you and it ends up that she can’t help and asks you to call Gateway
some type of PAID for service. You spend at least 20 minutes of your time on the
phone repeating your name, giving them the SERIAL # at least 4 times and then they
put you on hold. Ok.. the music is not so bad but you’re exhausted. now once again
it takes over an hour to download some recovery software.. Will it work you ask?
I don’t know… I’m sitting in front of a screen and the program is running slowly.
Please keep your fingers crossed for me that this works, otherwise I’m up the
CREEK without a paddle and without a backup.

OUCH… OUCH.. OUCH.. I can’t believe this. PRAY for me!

Another night


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