Posted by: dagmarsands | February 17, 2010

Life’s a Dance.. you Learn as you GO….

As the song says: “Life’s a DANCE you Learn as you Go… sometimes you LEAD… sometimes you FOLLOW”….

In real estate it’s definitely so true… not even customer is the same as the other. You definitely learn from all of them and you also help educate many of them.

This evening I read a blog about “Customers Wear Underwear Too”
which was so funny and reminded me of so many stories in my real
estate career. The agent wrote about how he used to be intimated
about working with CEO’s or Wealthy Clients.

Well, I tried to comment on that with a story that once I worked on
a large commercial $30 million dollar building that I wanted to sell
to the Japanese. I was taking a course about negotiating and just
finished it. It talked about when working and negotiating you use
body language and you have to be in state of mind knowing what you are talking about. So I did my homework, I was ready and knew I could get this done. When I entered this building and was greeted by the security guard, I just thought in my mind (well, I own this building and this guy works for me) and proceeded to meet with the CEO and felt very comfortable with my presentation.

When I sold POWERHOUSE listings and worked with the over $1 million dollar clients in the 80’s and 90’s I always felt that I worked very hard for them and I really didn’t feel intimated by them because I was always professional and did my homework before taking their listing.I never try to take overpriced listings because I only want to list those properties that I know I WILL SELL.

So, Life’s Dance… you learn as you go… sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow… but as long as you enjoy the journey and take it slow, there is nothing like being in REAL ESTATE. I love this business!


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