Posted by: dagmarsands | February 3, 2010

Sales/Marketing Tip from Mark Fitzgerald…
Well Connected
Communication is, in itself, neither good nor bad. In either extreme it can be deadly. We are often reminded of the importance of clear and frequent communication with our friends, families and co-workers. As salespeople, we know that we get paid for our communication skills. Indeed, in many senses, we are professional communicators. But there can be too much of a good thing.

We live in an over-connected society. I read a brief article about this in the Wall Street Journal. The author lamented his inability to answer all of his email and voice mail in a timely manner. His sense of courtesy demanded that he get back to people expeditiously. But, because of the sheer volume of messages, this was not possible. He found himself ranking the relative importance of people and returning calls according to a weighted system. It made him unhappy but he felt that he had little choice.

The writer is not alone. The most common question at my seminars is: “how can I get people to return my calls?” Salespeople are especially distressed by this. If we can’t speak with people, we can’t sell them. It’s unlikely that we’ll make deals by leaving voice mails alone.

It is possible to improve the odds of people calling us back by leaving compelling voice mail. We’ll discuss how another time. Today, however, let examine why people don’t return our calls, and what attitudes we should adopt as a result.

People don’t return our calls for one of two reasons. One: they are not interested in speaking with us. And, two: they are inefficient. Number one is just a fact of life we have to live with. Our only recourse is to leave truly compelling messages. They’ll either call us back or they won’t. Number two is also a fact of life compounded by the tremendous volume of messages each of us receive every day. Some people are better at handling this deluge than others are. It will do us little good to complain about this. We can’t make other people more efficient. We can, however, improve our personal efficiency and thereby avoid spending any extra time in voice mail hell. Here’s how:

1. Never leave for another conversation anything that can be agreed upon in the one at hand.

2. Eliminate from your prospect pipeline anyone who does not have a strong desire for your product or service. Develop the skills to bring this out in the open fast.

3. Do not call on or spend measurable time with people who can not make the decision to buy your product.

4. Never attend any meeting or go on any sales call without a clear agenda agreed upon by both parties.

5. Make decisions now and deal only with people who do the same.Internalize this message: I am in a one call close business. It might not always be literally true, but it certainly should be our goal.

The world is full of distractions. It is populated by some very inefficient people. You’ll never be more efficient than the people with whom you spend your time.

Mark Fitzgerald, Sales Training Institute, Inc., Tampa, Florida provides this column weekly. Mr. Fitzgerald provides both group and customized sales training for professionals and companies. For more information, please contact him by telephone at 813-831-5555 via email at or visit © Copyright Mark Fitzgerald, 2009, All Rights Reserved.

Thank you Mark for your column – we will share it with others to read your updates. Sincerely,
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