Posted by: dagmarsands | January 29, 2010

My Room Rocks!

I love going to visit businesses in Johns Creek, Georgia. I stop, talk with the business
owner, ask them questions to see what I as a Realtor can do to help them with.
I really want to make sure that all the businesses in my city – Johns Creek, GA are
used by the residents. Our Mayor Mike Bodker believes we should spread the word
about “CHOOSE TO USE Johns Creek, GA”.

When I met Mary Sittler, the owner, of MY ROOM ROCKS, I immediately clicked
with this woman. She was kind, she was personable, and most of all she had
a DREAM to make her idea work. When she spent 5 minutes sharing with me
what it was that she was doing, I absolutely was blown away. This woman is
an entrepreneur who should be applauded for her vision. She has a concept
that I have NEVER seen before. You should check it out. Every designer, every
school, every teacher, every mom who has a daughter and every woman should
go and visit Mary and her store. I promise you, what you will find there will
surprise you. It will light you up just like it did me. It’s as young people

Here is more detailed information about Mary Sittler and My Room Rocks!

At My Room Rocks, everyone gets to be the interior decorator of their own
miniature bedroom. As a MRR Designer, you make all the design decisions such
as furniture, wall coloring, bedding, window treatments, accessories, and more!
The choices are endless, so let your creativity and imagination run wild! Each
MRR Designer will take home their own creation in a beautifully designed box
with a carrying handle. You can also visit our girls’ gift shop, a one-stop shop
for unique gifts that girls will love. We have beautifully designed jewelry, hair
accessories, room accessories, cells phone accessories, sleepover/travel bags,
totes, sports accessories, and more! We also carry Vera Bradley school supplies
and photo albums, as well as the award-winning Scientific Explorer kits! Mary
Sittler was on CBS and Fox. Mary and My Room Rocks is what DREAMS are all
about and what women who want to be an entrepreneur are all about.

Please visit Mary Sittler at

Written by Dagmar Sands – Real Estate International, Inc. World Class
Real Estate Broker
Johns Creek City Guide


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