Posted by: dagmarsands | January 29, 2010

LIVE FOR THE MOMENT! How Awesome is this show…

All I can say – UNBELIEVABLE! I watched this show this evening called
“Live for the Moment” about Roger, the man who has been
diagnosed with ALS. He was given the opportunity to make all of his dreams
come true. I applaud the producer Mark Burnett, Producer and Jeff Probst
host of the famous show “Survivor” making their guest Rogers dream come

Live for the Moment has the same inspirational message that its name implies.
But there’s more to it than that for the people who are featured on the show.
Live for the Moment, which was originally titled Live Like You’re Dying, sends
terminally ill patients on the final big adventure of their lives. On tonight’s
episode, a family man who has ALS and only a few years to live, meets Buzz
Aldrin, goes on an unforgettable ski trip, and witnesses a true celebration of
his life.

I give this show a PERFECT 10! Tears are still running down my face after
watching this touching show. It absolutely made me think about what life
is all about. LIVE EACH DAY as if it is your last. Do those things that you
always wanted to do, make that trip you’ve always wanted to make.
Love those around you and never forget to tell them how much you love
them. I have a feeling I will be a regular TV viewer of this show.

Sincerely, Dagmar Sands
Real Estate International, Inc. World Class Real Estate Broker


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