Posted by: dagmarsands | December 11, 2009

Success Strategies for 2010

2010 Strategy for Success (edit/delete)
Are you ready for the BEST YEAR in your life? I am that is why I’m so
excited about sharing this with you. Tonight I’ve attended a webinar
which I subscribe to and we talked about GOALS for 2010, TACTICS,
taking action and how it doesn’t matter what economy we’re in.

We can all CREATE our own ECONOMY. We don’t need to listed to
the nay-sayers, we don’t need to listen to the BAD news. I agree
that it brings us down and we should stay positive.

In real estate, we are in the helping business. There has never
been a time like right now for buyers and sellers needing our
service and our help. I don’t care what anyone says, Realtor who
has proper training, who cares and who is experienced is absolutely
what today’s buyers and sellers need.

So, to be successful, set your goals, take action, write your plan,
have someone hold you accountable and back into the numbers
you set for yourself. Make it realistic but stretch yourself a little
to make sure you make it even higher than your goals.

Happy Holidays and Best wishes for the New Year 2010!
From all of us at Real Estate International, Inc. and the most
positive person on earth today and always, Dagmar Sands


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