Posted by: dagmarsands | December 11, 2009

Social Media, Social Networking, Social Blogs

The word “SOCIAL” that everyone talks about is nothing more than making
friends, earning trust of others to talk with each other and entering other
persons world and sharing your own world with others.

It’s not new, it has been done for thousands of years… it’s just the way
we communicate today is more through computers than face to face.

Think about it – you transfer money on-line and don’t have to go to
the bank. You buy merchandise on e-bay or on and
you don’t have to go to the mall or to the store. You can get stamps
on-line and not even go to the post office. You can send flowers,
fruit baskets, ballons, cards, gifts and not even visit the person for
birthday – everything is done on-line.

You share information in Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Active Rain,, LinkedIn, etc. etc… you talk with strangers on-line, you
help others all through social media. You follow others and they
follow you. You meet people today on-line first and then in person.

I’ve met a client from Japan once on-line and we talked and then
when they arrived in Atlanta, GA I knew everything about them
already and our transaction was smooth and pretty quick once they
arrived. I’ve sold homes through virtual tours without the client ever
setting foot in the home until they arrived in Atlanta and the contract
was already signed subject to them liking it.

It’s a new world we live in these days – so my advise to you is join
as many social media networks and start meeting new people and
sharing your story. You are welcome to sign with me on all the other
social networks – Dagmar Sands – Real Estate International, Inc.


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