Posted by: dagmarsands | November 24, 2009

Duty of a Realtor goes way beyond just buying and selling

When you first get your license to be become a Real Estate Professional many times you have no idea of what duties you are taking on. Well, you will learn very quickly as you get started that we do many things, we wear many hats and
we handle many things. Like what you may ask?

1. We are teachers – we assist buyers with step by step process of buying the right investment.
2. We are consultants – we advise our investors of best investments to purchase, we assist them with financing, etc.
3. We are decorators, designers and advisors – we help stage the home, we point out things that sell best, we help decorate and prepare home to look it’sbest.
4. We handle part of the appraisal process through our Broker’s opinion, comps, pricing, etc.
5. We are good listeners and counselors – we help many sellers during their divorce process, partnership breakups, companies going bankrupt. It takes sympathy, empathy and emotional involvement with our clients to make sure we have their best interest in mind.
6. We are service providers – we provide help with locksmith, loan process, inspection process, utilitiy information, school information, vendors information, immigration, legal, carpet cleaning, septic tank service, designer, architect, moving company, roofing, handyman service, etc.
7. We are friends – we don’t stop at closing. Our clients build trust with us and they call us even after closing. We attend their house warming parties, meet their friends, their family and their co-workers.
8. We are translators – with our foreign buyers and sellers we help translate in their own language and we provide them with help in their own communities.
9. We are great source of referrals. We assist our clients when they need to find spouse employment, job referrals or other referrals.
10. We are relocation specialists. When clients transfer to another city or to another country we help them find Realtor in the new area. We are connected through our affiliations and we can help with many other services in the area they are
relocating to.

Most of our we are Professionals and we are Realtors which we are very proud of. I personally feel very proud to be a Realtor and I’m proud of many thousands of past clients that I have relocated and helped relocate to another area. I price myself
on giving GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE to my clients and I strive to be very professional in everything that I do. Real Estate is more than a profession to me. It’s my life and it’s a profession I love very much. Dagmar Sands – Real Estate International, Inc.

Relocation Specialist of clients relocation to Atlanta, Georgia and clients relocating from Atlanta, Georgia – USA

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